Gin Bothy - Gingerbread Infused Liqueur

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From their home to yours! Gin Bothy's local town of Kirriemuir is famous for its gingerbread, and this was the inspiration for our warm and spicy liqueur. A very unique and special Artisan gin, Gingerbread was a UK first and remains one of our most popular infusions.

All of the Gin Bothy gins originate from a small distillery in the Angus Glens. Hand-turned and hand-batched, each bottle is lovingly made for each customer.

Gingerbread gains its unique flavour from carefully chosen secret ingredients – gingerbread syrup, sugar and of course a special Bothy Gin.

You are encouraged to try this neat first or 25cl mixed with 50cl of Cranberry juice or a Ginger Ale.

Key Features:

ABV: 20%