Love Tonic, Scottish Tonic Water

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Love Tonic is a fresh tasting, quinine free, sparkling mixer. It enhances any spirit to create a flavour sensation.

Love Tonic is made without quinine. This means that it doesn't have the bitter taste associated with classic tonic waters. The added benefit of this is that Love Tonic also contains less sugar than many other premium tonics as it has not been artificially sweetened to mask the bitterness of quinine. It is unlike any mixer you've tasted before. Love Tonic does not mask the flavour of spirits, it enhances it.

Lovingly made in Scotland, the recipe has been developed and refined to create a tonic you'll love to drink.

Key Features:

Mix it with gin, vodka and even whisky, tequila and rum to experience a whole new taste. Or drink it as a long drink with ice.

Volume: 200ml