Maison Berger Anti-Odour / Pets Car Diffuser Refill

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Does your labrador love swimming in the lake? Is it impossible to imagine a holiday without your Persian cat?
Maison Berger Paris has used its inventiveness and efficiency so that your car interior does not hold on to the odours left by your wonderful pets. Opt for this set of 2 Anti-Odour Ceramic Refills to Combat Animal Odours. Take advantage of a patented process, not to hide but to neutralise bad smells. Swathe your car interior in a fruity and floral perfume with the notes of bergamot, lily-of-the-valley and sandalwood. By using these refills with the discreet and elegant Practical car diffuser, you will benefit from the technical know-how and quality guarantee of Maison Berger Paris. The process provides for even and subtle diffusion. The perfume has been designed especially for this method of diffusion and developed by master perfumers from Grasse.

Key Features:

Dimensions: (Height) - 11,2 cm (Height) x 9 cm (Width) x 3,3 cm (Length)

Reference: 006416

Regulatory information - Contains : coumarin, piperonal, beta-damascenone. May produce an allergic reaction.

Duration of broadcast - 4 to 6 weeks