Maison Berger Blissful Car Diffuser

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The Blissful Car Clip Diffuser with its brass pink colour stands out from the other, more neutral colours. Its curvy modern design is reminiscent of waves. A colourful summer air invites itself into your car. The clip is attached to the air vents and operating the air conditioning spreads the fragrance in the front and the rear of the vehicle. To do this, simply refill your car diffuser using the Maison Berger Paris scented refills. They are composed of two ceramics, manufactured in our workshops in Limoges. Browse our car diffuser refills and find your favourite fragrance or make a change that matches your state of mind. Scents have power over our psyche, and driving in a fragrant environment is immediately more pleasant. The Blissful Car Clip Diffuser will soon be indispensable when you travel. It is time to adopt some new good habits when it comes to your perfuming.

Key Features:

BRAND - Maison Berger

COLOUR - Rose Gold

PACKAGING - Maison Berger Branded Packaging


SIZE DIMENSIONS- 11.2cm (Height) x 9cm (Width) x 3.3cm (Length)