Maison Berger Muse Scented Candle, Jonathan Adler

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Replacting the Muse vase from Jonathan Adler's Muse collection, this iconic candle offers a preminum, chic and elegant look to any room.

Handcrafted from porcelain, this candle is the result of meticulous work requiring rigor and precision. Equipped with a new ribbon wick which allows a good liquefaction of the wax over the entire surface of the candle, combustion takes place evenly.

Once off, it takes on its gold metal cover engraved with Maison Berger Paris x Jonathan Adler to finalize your decoration with refinement.

The Muse Thé Vert Impérial scented candle diffuses the Imperial Green Tea scent for approximately 50 hours with its notes of lemon zest, tea leaves and sandalwood. Delicate and full of freshness,