McLeans Gin - Strathaven Hedgerow G&T Mist (10ml)

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Our Strathaven Hedgerow Gin features 11 locally foraged botanicals. We fell upon a 12th botanical that we thought long and hard about adding, but had a better idea...
Enter: Strathaven Hedgerow Sweet Cicely G&T Mist. Crafted with just two ingredients; GNS 96% and locally foraged Sweet Cicely Seeds; one 10ml bottle provides ample Mist for a full 70cl bottle of Strathaven Hedgerow.
What's Sweet Cicely, we hear you ask? Myrrhis odorata; A member of the Apiaceae family; Sweet Cicely is Scotland's answer to fennel or star anise. A "Marmite" flavour; perhaps because many of us have had a tricky morning after a night on the sambucca...
Just a few sprays of our G&T Mist will completely change the flavour profile of your G&T. It's a treat with Strathaven Hedgerow of course, but feel free to try it with any of the other gins in our range if you're craving that aniseed kick; reminiscent of our gone-but-not-forgotten Signature Gin.A "Liquid Garnish", if you will...and a delicious one at that.