Pentland Hills Gin

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A contemporary London dry style Scottish gin from the environmentally responsible Tarbraxus Distillers.

As part of their commitment to reducing waste a gin refill service is available. The gin will be sent to you in an etched bottle with a unique number and its own fully recyclable packaging box. This has been specially designed so it can be used to send back the bottle to be refilled - a great way to continue enjoying the gin while cutting down waste. To take advantage of the refill service, bottles should be sent back directly to the distillery using the return address on the box.

Key Features:

- Alcohol Proof - 40%
Ingredients and botanicals:

Juniper Berries, Pink Peppercorns, Angelica , Coriander , Cardamom and a subtle infusion of
Orange, Mint and Cocoa nibs.

- Volume: 50cl